“The Epic of Gilgamesh” as a Historical Tool

many aspects of contemporary existance -- friendship, desire for immortality, lust, despair, self-awareness -- were as important to ancient humanity as they are in the daily reality of the 21st


favors. He loses his strength, but gains knowledge. The priestess encourages him to come into Uruk and meet Gilgamesh, who is also superhuman. Gilgamesh has a set of prophetic

'Siddhartha,' 'Black Elk Speaks' And 'The Epic Of Gilgamesh': Common Meaning

ultimately metamorphosed into the spiritual entity, Buddha. Siddharthas search for truth led him away from his familiar foundation of life as a means by which to seek out what

Epic of Gilgamesh as an Historical Text

The epic was carved onto a serious of clay tablets mysteriously, and its true author remains anonymous (Greer 17). However, a careful reading of these tablets offers considerable perspectives