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  Gilgamesh (author unknown) is an epic story about the "king" that resides in all of us—both as benefactor and destroyer. It is the story of a person who is feared and honored, a person who loves and hates, a person who wins and loses—a person who lives life. Like it is for each of us, Gilgamesh’s journey is larger than life, yet ends so commonly with death. Along life’s journey Gilgamesh meets and makes use of the powers of others—gods—just as we all rely on the strengths of others to help us slay the monsters we face. For the brave act of joining us on the journey, giving us advice, and saving us from the harm we might inflict on ourselves and others, we all want our friends and relatives to be spared pain, suffering and death—but as Gilgamesh found, this is not the fate of humankind—they die and suffer, and we live on wondering why. Like Gilgamesh, our fate is to travel the journey of life, to slay our monsters with the help of our gods, survive and mourn some of those we love, and leave the world with as many good deeds as possible.

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